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zinneke_flower0009 zinneke_flower0012 zinneke_flower0025

zinneke_flower0026 zinneke_flower0028 zinneke_flower0032

zinneke_flower0033 zinneke_flower0040 zinneke_flower9961

zinneke_flower9962 zinneke_flower9964 zinneke_flower9969

zinneke_flower9972 zinneke_flower9978 zinneke_flower9981

zinneke_flower9982 zinneke_flower9986 zinneke_flower9989

zinneke_flower9992 zinneke_flower9997

Molenbeek [Brxl] 30-03-2008
<>Prototypes for the decoration of the rue Ransfortstraat
on 17-05-2008, to meet the zinnekes in the Ransfiesta.
Made with plastic water bottles and plastic market bags.

Photos: Lieven SOETE
Creative Commons License
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